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The Tale of the Clover Bandit - Chapter 2

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Note: Please remember that B1K3 may edit this only, (unless it is about grammar).

Please read Chapter 1 if you haven't yet, you may not understand part of it.

“Boom! Crash! Bam!” the cute black-haired boy squeaked, “Yay! I captured your King!”

Joseph smiled: his little brother was so cute with his puffy cheeks and wide eyes. He decided that he wanted to lose against him for the seventeenth time this week. “Oh no!” he said calmly, “my soldiers let you escape!”

“I win again! Woo-hoo!” Johan exclaimed. “Let’s play again.”

Joseph smiled. “Alright, let me fix all of this up again.” He looked at the sun and believed it was almost noon.

Pa could come back any minute, he thought. “Pa” was actually Morg - he was a rich step-father, and the boys' real father had died, so his mother had married a horrible man who eventually killed her in a wine bottle "accident". He was always cruel and went out drinking almost every time the King ordered a meeting with the HGGs.

“Sorry, kiddo, I don’t think I can play another round,” Joseph said, “Pa said he was expecting me to be working when he comes back.”He ran up the stairs, went into his room, and locked the door behind him; he searched for his Physics homework and pretended to work (in fact, he had already done his homework, but Morg had almost thrown a wine bottle at him for it). He heard “Pa” pull up outside and smiled, picturing the three words in his mind: right on time.

Johan was a little upset that Joseph couldn’t have stayed a little longer, but was suddenly terrified when Morg walked through the door. His scruffy hair was messed around, his beard was wet, and his face was as red as a tomato.

“HO - HO, HO, HO!” Morg boomed as drunk as a guinea pig. “Hello, Johan! What have you been doing today?”

“I- I- I’ve been playing with my toys,”he stuttered.

Morg knelted down and stared at a toy doll that looked exactly like Johan; laying down on the floor was a toy General.

“You killed a General?” Morg laughed. “I’d like to see you try in real life.”He stood up and kicked the toy child. It smashed against the wall and broke in half. Johan began to cry.

Joseph slid down the stair railings and landed swiftly onto the floor. He glared at Morg and ran to Johan in a protective stance.

“It’s okay, I won’t let him do anything to you. It's okay - don’t cry. Be strong,” Joseph muttered softly. Johan started to calm down, but tears were still rolling down his cheeks.

“Joseph! You’re supposed to be working, not dawdling!” Morg roared. “I’ve been working my butt off since the other day and became the Ninth HGG! What do you say about that, huh!”

“I don’t care! Stay away from my brother and his toys!” Joseph yelled. He was about to carry Johan back up to his room when Morg waddled clumsily along and blocked the staircase.

“Don't go anywhere!”he shouted, “I am speaking to you!!”

“Well I’m not, so get out of my way!”

Joseph tried to him, but Morg's clammy hands grabbed his leg. He was tripped up and the poor teenager fell to the floor, unconscious. Fortunately, Johan had not been hurt.

Morg snatched him out of his brother's hands; he squirmed and tried to break free of his grasp, but he was whisked out the door.

. . .

Joseph laid in a bed still with his clothes on, but the air smelled of sick people which fully woke him up (though a trifle dazed). He realized he had a gruesome headache and could feel a bandage wrapped around him.

“…He slipped…head banged onto the floor… brother was kidnapped… tried to stop them… Still can’t find him…”he heard. It was Morg’s voice; he could see two silhouettes behind the curtains.

“Liar! Don’t fib! You did all of this! You assaulted me!”he shouted, though his head hurt even more.

The curtains were drawn. “He woke up in the middle of the carriage screaming 'the ponies are running! The ponies are running! Grab the cake!' He must have damaged part of his brain.” Morg told the doctor.

“I see… Yes, yes… We have foud new technology that might help dissect his brain…yes, hmm, do you agree?” The doctor muttered tonelessly.

“Well, it’s the only hope he has…” Morg replied, acting sad.

“Yes, yes, maybe we should leave him alone…yes, yes.” The doctor and Morg began to depart. As he did, Morg sneered, making sure nobody saw him except Joseph.

Joseph began to drift off into sleep in a few minutes; his eyes closed and was taken away by his drowsiness.

"No… Don’t sleep, don’t… uhngh," he told himself half-awake. He realized his head didn’t hurt anymore. He managed to get up, but he couldn’t find his shoes. He walked barefoot out of the hospital after the lights had all gone off. He stopped and looked to see if there was anybody still awake, though he didn’t think so, and then he sprinted towards his house.

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