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The Tale of the Clover Bandit - Chapter 3

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Note: Please remember that B1K3 may edit this only, (unless it is about grammar).

Please read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 if you haven't yet, you may not understand part of it.

Joseph was at the mansion’s door, it wasn’t locked so Joseph walked right in. he crept through the house quietly and grabbed clothes, food, money, water and some memories. After that, he checked if Johan was in the house, but he couldn’t find him anywhere, even in Morg’s room. Joseph decided that he was done and sprinted as quietly as a snake away from the street.

. . .

It had been two weeks since Joseph ran away from home, he had run out of money and was beginning to starve, he sat on the floor, begging for money, but not even a pebble had been given to him, the next day, he was close to death, he lay on the floor this time, groaning in pain.

. . .

Vanoc was watching his students, all were successful so far. Folisus had stolen three swords already, Hualla with seven tunics, and Trove, one cart. All of his students had special powers, Folisus could control living things, Hualla could heal stuff, and Trove could turn himself, and other objects, invisible. But one thing caught his eye; a boy in a deserted corner, he was groaning hardly, his eyes were glowing green.

The Luck Ability” Vanoc thought as his eyes widened, he walked toward the boy, closer and closer, he woke him up.

“Please.” The boy moaned. Vanoc picked him up, and he teleported all of his students next to him (in fact, he had other special abilities that could bring his students there, but he preferred teleportation since it took less energy.)

“Master!” Trove shouted. “Why now? I almost stole a golden bracelet!”

“Indeed Master,” Hualla said. “It will also puzzle the crowd, I thought we were supposed to keep a low profile!”

“Relax my students.” Vanoc croaked. “This is much more important, as you know, I only have five students left, this…” pointing to the boy. “May be our sixth.”

The students looked at the boy, he was dirty, skinny, and his clothes were torn, he looked confused.

“I see, the power of weirdness?” Trove laughed along with Hualla.

“Be serious.” Folisus warned, he was the most powerful out of all of them, and the most mature. “His eyes are glowing, the Luck Ability.”

They stopped laughing; they feared of this power, it was also stronger than theirs.

“What is your name boy?” Vanoc asked.

“J… J… Joseph.” The boy said, before he blacked out.

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