"Time And Tide" is a poem that Poet Smurf wrote and recited at the beginning of the story "Empath's Wedding". It serves as the catalyst for Empath and Smurfette finally deciding it was time to be married, leading to the events of the story.

The poem goes like this:

As time and tide passes,
As the years keep smurfing by,
We will someday smurf back and notice
How it all smurfed with a sigh.
It has all smurfed just like yesterday
Between the now and then,
And with each new moment that we smurf,
We will never smurf it again.
So make the best of the time you smurf
And smurf it for the best
For what will smurf in the years to smurf,
Oh, we can only guess.
But when you smurf the end of time,
May you not smurf back in lament
For our life is but a smurfing treasure
That must be smurfly spent.

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