Tulip Profile - Smurfs
RacePussywillow Pixie
Marital StatusSingle
Known RelationsThe Pussywillow Pixies (Family)
ResidencePussywillow Hollow
Voice ActorMelanie Lynsky (Desired)
First Appearance(Official) "Drefuse Sylke" Season 11
UniverseExpanded AU

Tulip is a Pussywillow Pixie appearing spontaneously, most often as nothing more than a background character in the Expanded Animated Universe, created by Numbuh 404.

Background Information

She makes a cameo in "Tripped Up" (being pranked by one of the two main Woodsprites) and finally becomes properly introduced in Season 11.

She is a sweet young Pixie who lives in Pussywillow Hollow and is a known friend of the Smurfs just as her fellow Pixies are; she isn't the brightest of the bunch, but her smile is warm and her heart in always in the right place. She wants nothing more than to find someone else like her and has, so far, had no luck doing so.

Season 11 Episodes

Although she is introduced, Tulip is not intended to become a main character. More to come later!

Rising Flames - Ep. 3


Sylke Hood - Ep. 15


Spritely Matrimony - Ep. 27



Tulip has pale skin, a very thin figure, and her features are elongated; her extravagent white-blonde hair is pulled back on her head and billows down from a ponytail. Her dress consists of a dark grey petal collar, black tight torso, and puffy dark grey skirt piece (similarly to Pansy's attire). Her flat, pointed-toe shoes go over the silver tights on her legs.

Voice Actor(s)

She would most likely have a voice like that of Melanie Lynsky who played the role of Rose on Two and a Half Men.


  • She is based off of Numbuh 404's real-life high school friend, Sara Spellman, for her personality and general appearance.

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