The Utopii are a race that are found in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf series.

Basic Information

They are a small race of humanoid beings living on Utopia Island whom Empath and Smurfette encounter during their honeymoon. They are basically rotund in appearance and have palm tree leaves for hair, possibly indicating that they have evolved from plant life. Their skin tone takes on various colors, usually blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, berry red, or light purple. They generally wear grass skirts for clothes, with the females also wearing bras.

The Utopii are generally a very laid-back people living a simple life in their village, offering hospitality to anyone who visits their island, although they do not venture far beyond their village due to the various types of other threats that exist on their island. For the most part they are farmers and fishers who busy themselves with the tasks of simple everyday life. They are led by a couple known as Papi Utopi and Mami Utopi, with Papi directing the males in their duties and Mami directing the females in their duties.

The Utopii culture is based on the simple union of male strength and female beauty working together. Utopi males pride themselves in their physical strength which they will use to attract themselves to Utopi females and protect them from all sorts of dangers. Utopi females pride themselves in their physical beauty which they will use to attract themselves to Utopi males, emitting a special fragrance for the male that they intend to marry so that he alone will be that female's companion.

The Utopii were first encountered by Marco Smurf during one of his seafaring adventures. During his visit with them, he had been involved in an incident that resulted in him being recognized as a hero among the Utopii. They hoped that they would see him again someday and promised to offer his friends in the Smurf Village the same courtesy of friendship.

In "Empath's Honeymoon," the Utopii offer Empath and Smurfette a place to stay and enjoy themselves as they consummate their marriage together, although during their first day of being with the Utopii, Empath and Smurfette were briefly separated from each other and tested for the qualities that the Utopi leaders hope would be present in the couple.


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