Also Known AsKundalini
"The serpent seed"
Race TypeReptilian humanoid
First Appearance"The Smurf Village Revival"
"Thus we clothe our naked villainy
With odd old ends stolen forth of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most we play the devil."
The Viperion code (paraphrased from a line from Richard III)

Viperions are humanoid reptilian beings that resemble snakes. They possess great supernatural power that allows them to transform themselves into harmless humanoid beings, usually with the purpose of deceiving those they come across into receiving their power, which at first elevates their spirits but over time puts them under direct control of the Viperion.

They are a religious people who worship the entity known to them as Day Star, who in reality was the angel Lucifer who turned against God and polluted His creation by causing mankind to fall into sin by appearing unto Eve, the woman created from Adam's rib, in the form of a serpent and deceived her into eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

The dispensing of power from the Viperions to their victims have the initial effect of making them feel blissful, with other side effects including falling on the floor, writhing uncontrollably, laughing hysterically, and even speaking in strange unintelligible languages, similar to the effect of "Holy Spirit manifestations" within modern-day Pentecostal and Charismatic congregations of Christianity.

Grandpa Smurf first encountered a tribe of Viperions called the Kundalini in the region of India during his travels around the world. Though he has warned all the other Smurfs about their deceitful practices, his advice fell on deaf ears for most of the village even as one of them, posing as a traveling missionary called Benedictus from the Order of Hynn, appeared in their village to offer them comfort in a time when they Empath was in a coma following their return from time-traveling. Grandpa Smurf refused to be converted along with most of the other Smurfs who fell under Benedictus' power and barely escaped the mob along with Polaris Psyche, Wild Smurf, and Baby Smurf.

When Empath awoke from the coma, he also tried to convince his fellow Smurfs that they were being decieved by Benedictus, but they were beyond listening. It was through Baby Smurf's power and the help of Tapper Smurf that Benedictus' spell over the Smurfs was broken and the missionary was exposed in his true form. Realizing that he no longer has any control over the Smurfs, Benedictus fled from the village with the Smurfs chasing him out.

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