Wave Profile - Smurfs
Known RelationsMarina, Oceana, Aqua, Joey McCormick, the Smurfs, and the Smurfs' Piximp
Voice ActorUnknown
First Appearance"Visiting Atlantica" Season 10
UniverseExpanded Animated Universe

Wave is a Mermaid who first appear in the episode "Visiting Atlantica" from Season 10.

Background Information

She is one of Marina's best friends (the others are Oceana and Aqua), is fairly hot-headed, and doesn't take insults very well. This becomes known when she gets angry at Fooly for calling her a "Yellow Fish Girl" and she show her fists and punches the water around her while saying, "Come on, give me your best shot! Fight like a mermaid!"

Although, she is usually easygoing and loves to talk.


She is just like any mermaid: light green skin, dark green tail, standard black eyes and fin-like ears. The only difference is that she has short blonde hair and she wears a pearl collar with a pink scallop around her neck.

Voice Actor(s)

Unknown, but she speaks with an Australian accent.

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